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Why Facebook Ads Don’t Work and What To Do Instead

Why Facebook Ads Don’t Work and What To Do Instead

Are you flushing your hard-earned money down the toilet?

You keep trying to get traction with Facebook ads, but it’s basically chucking your money into a bottomless pit, with inconsistent results and a lack of stability; even if you can get an ad to convert decently, the reach and conversions slowly drain away as it ages. Man that’s annoying!

It’s inconsistent and frustrating. Not to mention the fact that WHEN IT WORKS, you’re paying $30+/lead for your freebie, plus potentially $$$ for a FB ad manager who promises the moon and delivers hot garbage.

But, I can hear you say, all the experts and gurus out there say if you want to be successful, you have to run Facebook ads.

What’s a time-crunched, frustrated entrepreneur to do?

May I suggest that Pinterest may be the answer to your prayers.

With Pinterest, you can go from spending beaucoup $$$ cash on Facebook ads, to generating high quality leads on (almost) auto-pilot.

Instead of plowing all that money into your marketing budget, imagine investing that money into content creation, or bringing on board a virtual assistant or a contracted specialist (Sales? Copywriting? Maybe both!) to help you grow your business!

So how does it work?

By allowing you to direct search traffic to your offers, Pinterest does your lead-gen without the headaches associated with running costly ads.

You simply create 20 or so pins for each piece of content or offer you have (think: Facebook group, freebie, blog posts and articles, interviews, and more!), pin them to your related boards over the course of a few weeks or months using Tailwind, and watch the leads flow in as if by magic!

This creates 200+ opportunities for your content (and lead-gen funnel!) to be found and loved – opportunities that don’t end in a day or two when the feed refreshes. I’m not even counting any repins that push your content out even further. The sky is really kinda the limit here.

That’s the real genius of Pinterest

Pins live forever and can take a while to rank well. Something you pinned a year ago can still be finding it’s footing, and may take off tomorrow. You never know!

And the beauty part? You can spend that extra income you’re now earning (over and above the money you saved on running ads) however you want – pay yourself a better salary, or hire more staff to make your life easier; the choice is yours.

What does all this truly give you?

FREEDOM and the ability serve your clients at the highest level possible, while taking care of yourself and your family. Isn’t that what you were seeking when you started your business?

When you’re able to focus on serving your clients instead of chasing that elusive Facebook ads pot of gold, your days will flow better. You’ll have more joy and enjoyment.

You’ll increase your leads by 10x, while spending way less on marketing.

It’s the first thing we work on in my 6-week Pinterest 101 training program, that shifts woo-style healers and entrepreneurs from exhausting themselves on the social media hamster wheel to spending about an hour a month generating new leads.

I share ALL my secrets – everything from how to turn a single piece of content into a converting funnel, through keyword and hashtag research (and how to research the language your dream clients use), optimizing your profile and boards, creating pin templates to save you time, all the way down to the numbers you really need to focus on!

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Pinterest By The Numbers

Pinterest has 70 million users

There are over 1/2 million verified business accounts on Pinterest

Pinterest has over 2.5 billion average monthly pageviews

Pinterest users spend an average of 98 minutes per month on Pinterest

The average amount per order that derives from Pinterest traffic is between $140 and $180

Pinterest drives more traffic to publishers than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit combined

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