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Unlock The


Of Pinterest Alchemy

In Our Intimate Mastermind

Easily attract a steady stream of qualified dream clients to your pages, posts and videos – for FREE!

Sign up TODAY- we start again April 2021!

Unlock The


Of Pinterest Alchemy

In Our Intimate Mastermind

Easily attract a steady stream of qualified dream clients to your pages, posts and videos – for FREE!

Sign up TODAY- we start again April 2021!

Stop throwing your entire marketing budget at the blue behemoth (FB) with meh results, and start spending strategically to get dramatic results

Stop wasting your team’s talent on a labor intensive social media strategy, and start using your team’s talents to grow your business like magic

Stop living client to client, and change the world without burning out, by using the sorcery of Pinterest – and a proven formula that works

I bet I know a bit about you…

You’re wasting all of your (and your VA’s) time on social media posts, message bots & ads, and not seeing the results you want

You’re looking for a long-term, effective alternative (or addition!) to Facebook ads that costs less and takes less time to manage

Social media  feels like a toxic soup that makes your empathic, soul-filled heart hurt, and you’d rather be working with your amazing, soul-aligned clients

You’re ready to dramatically grow your audience, leads & revenue, while spending LESS time on the social media hamster wheel


and Maybe

You’ve never really thought about using Pinterest as a marketing platform….until NOW

Pinterest is the platform you’ve been waiting for

Allow me to introduce you to the marketing genius that is Pinterest

falling feather

At its heart, it’s a visual search engine – I like to say it’s the love child of Google and Instagram!

red and blue dandelion

It’s a place where people can find inspiration and ideas for their needs, interests, and hobbies


There are more than 70 million active users on the platform


There are only 500,000 registered business accounts


More than half of those business accounts are:

*abandoned (either the owner of the business didn’t understand Pinterest and gave up or went out of business)


*underperforming (because the owner of the business has no idea how to actually monetize the potential of this platform!)

Basically, the sky’s the limit over here on Pinterest!

Let Our Pinterest Alchemists Guide You

If you’re ready to invest in expert advice and a kick-ass, personalized Pinterest strategy to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL this mastermind is for you!

Discover the Secrets to Pinterest Magick

Pinterest Secrets is an intimate mastermind (10 people, max!) for experienced healers, intuitives & coaches to build their Pinterest strategy, from where ever they are right now, and start seeing results right away

Attract Your Dream Clients

Together, we’ll evaluate where you are now, decide where you want to go, and plan your next steps.

We’ll then craft your perfect Pinterest marketing plan, based on sound principles of Pinterest strategy and in-depth marketing knowledge.

No more spending hours a day trolling social media for sales calls, no more wondering where your next client is coming from, no more worrying about finding time for your clients between social media blitzes!

“You took something that is very overwhelming to me (because I m NOT techy or creative) and broke it down into bite size pieces that I could understand and actually DO myself. You are always open to my questions and are willing to say if what I’m doing sucks 🤣 or is good and even how to improve it. I have the confidence now to keep going and hopefully grow a business using Pinterest.”

– Julie J

“I was struggling with how to market my monthly intuition-building bootcamp while still maintaining my client load. The idea of using social media for hours a day exhausted me, and Facebook ads have not worked well for me. Within a week of starting one on one, I had my Pinterest account up and running like clockwork! Thanks, Sherisse!”

– Louise D

Pinterest Secrets

6-Week, Intimate Mastermind

Special Bonuses

📌 BONUS #1 – Access To  My Pinterest Primer – all the resources you’ll need going forward, in order to really supercharge your Pinterest strategy, plus regular updates when and if Pinterest changes things up!

📌 BONUS #2Lifetime Access To A  Private FB Community for our alumni to connect and network with each other in a safe, supportive environment –  where you can get feedback to your questions and any work you need help with. Oh, and I’ll be sharing anything new I learn in there first, too!

📌 BONUS #3–  Live Monthly Ongoing Group Zoom Calls for everyone who has ever purchased anything Pinterest-related from me – ask for advice and get real-time answers to your burning questions about anything business-related!

So, if your pin designs are falling flat, your traffic isn’t converting, or something is confusing, I’ll be there to get you back on track super fast.

It’s hard to put a price on always having an expert in your corner while you build your business, who can peek under the hood (so to speak) and diagnose and fix minor problems before they become big ones!

“Sherisse really knows the benefits of Pinterest for your business. Her knowledge is vast yet she teaches in simple and easy to understand ways. I highly recommend her and her work.
Thanx, Sherisse”

– Deanne M.

“When I find myself struggling with anything in my business, I turn to Sherisse. Her knowledge of funnel strategy and Pinterest is fantastic, and she has helped me with a LOT of business ideas and pet projects over the years. Anyone who wants to build a successful business should definitely have Sherisse help them.”

– Melissa D

Welcome To Pinterest Alchemy!

Hi there!

I’m your High Priestess of Pinterest, Sherisse Marie, and I’m a Pinterest Strategy Expert.

My clients say I’m a catalyst for their transformation … they discover amazing clarity and confidence in their products and services, just from working with me.

I love teaching people how to pin pretty pictures and create high-converting funnels!

I’m looking forward to meeting my next soul-aligned client – is it you?

Questions our best clients asked

If you’re anything like our best clients, you’re likely:

❤️ Wondering if this program will work for you?

The Pinterest Secrets Mastermind is designed for soulpreneurs who use lead magnets to grow their email list or sell digital products, have a list that converts, and spend at least $500/month on advertising and marketing.

❤️ Feeling like you don’t have enough content to be successful with Pinterest?

We bet you have more than enough things to get started with already. You just need at least 5 things to share (a FB group, freebies, blog posts, Youtube videos, products, or services), plus plans to create at least 1 new piece of content you can drive traffic to each month.

❤️ Wondering how the Mastermind works?

Once you register, you’ll receive a welcome email from us, and we’ll send you the links to join both the pop-up group as well as the big student group. We’ll also include your login instructions for the Pinterest Primer, where all our online resources are stored. Your access to our members only course area includes regularly updated video tutorials, templates, swipe files and resources, accompanied by easy-to-follow written instructions.

Session dates and times will be provided with plenty of advance notice.

❤️ Not feeling tech savvy

If you can schedule a Facebook post, you can definitely use Pinterest – my secret weapon, Tailwind, makes things so simple it should be illegal!

❤️ Not wanting to subject your team to even more work

It truly can be as simple as an hour a month. Let me show you my simple hacks to keep your time free for the things that matter.

❤️ Worried about teaching your team how to use Pinterest on your behalf

Good news!

1. You can bring your team members along at a 75% discount (almost impossible to resist a deal like that, right?),

AND 2. We record every session and post them as unlisted YouTube videos, so you can replay them, share them, and get all the knowledge you can from them.

Unsure which level is right for you (Pinterest Primer, Pinterest Secrets, Pinterest Unlocked)?

Book a free 30-minute strategy session with Sherisse to find out how Pinterest can work for your business!