The Pinterest Alchemy Primer

This easy-to-use course has EVERYTHING you need to quickly create a bold and effective Pinterest sales strategy

Are you already using Pinterest to bring in leads and revenue on auto-pilot?

Whether your answer is yes or no…

This Pinterest Alchemy Primer will be the best investment you made all year!

Inside, you’ll get access to cutting-edge training, tools, and strategies you’ll be able to use in your business starting today, to attract more leads and more clients.

Using this primer will magically shorten your journey to Pinterest success!

These tools and techniques are the exact ones my clients use when we work together to create their personalized Pinterest strategy

“I was struggling with how to market my monthly intuition-building bootcamp while still maintaining my client load. The idea of using social media for hours a day exhausted me, and Facebook ads have not worked well for me. Within a week of starting one on one, I had my Pinterest account up and running like clockwork! Thanks, Sherisse!”

– Louise D

It’s Time For You To Shine


You’ve heard about the power of Pinterest and think it sounds like an amazing showcase for your business

Maybe you tried figuring it out on your own but you got stuck, felt frustrated, and gave up


You’ve got the product, it’s converting on other platforms, and you’re ready to scale to the next level

Maybe Pinterest has been on your to-do list for a while, and you’re ready to make some Pinterest magic already!

group covers

You just need a clear formula + the tools to make it work

I hear these things every day – can you relate?

You deserve to experience:


growing your audience with ease – and having almost all of them be buyers!

book of magic

using a proven formula that works, with easy to use plug and play documents!


hitting your goals faster, while spending LESS time marketing yourself!

That’s the power of Pinterest Alchemy!

You’re a busy, successful soulpreneur

You’ve perfected the solution to your dream client’s problem
You know Pinterest is an amazing opportunity for you to grow your business, attract dream clients who are desperately seeking your solution, and make more money
You have big goals and a big vision for your business
(just like me!)
and you’re exhausted from the client attraction treadmill
I hear this all the time – it’s why I do what I do.
Pinterest marketing is the wave of the future – and I love sharing my Pinterest and funnel expertise with my fellow spiritual weirdos!
You’re ready to conjure up some Pinterest magic of your own – with swipe files and templates that give you all the strategy with no fluff!
It’s time to move forward confidently, knowing what to do & when, in order to get the results you see others achieving on this wildly under-used platform.

Get big results using Pinterest – it IS totally possible!

Your business is growing – it’s time to embrace the next level!

Grow your audience, leads & revenue, and scale your biz as if by magic

Dramatically reduce the time and effort you spend on marketing

Change the world, one client at a time, faster than you could without the sorcery of Pinterest

Crack pinterest’s code

Using the Pinterest Alchemy Primer

The Pinterest Alchemy Primer is an easy-to-use course that magically shortens your journey to Pinterest success and profit.

You don’t need to create all the parts and pieces – I did the hard work for you!

This course includes all the templates, tools and resources I use to bring hundreds of thousands of visitors to my client and student websites.

Get Creative

Stop creating new graphics for everything, and start using proven pin templates that convert!

ALSO – branded board covers are an extra way to connect with your followers, that really makes them stand up and take notice! The problem is, no one is sharing how to create board covers that work with your brand and your Pinterest goals – except me!

pin templates 1
pin templates 2
pin templates 3
board covers

Be Bold

Make sure your dream clients can find your content

book of magic

Frustrated by the lack of advice out there about how to write your pin descriptions? Wondering what to actually put on your pins to make them stand out? Swipe my Book Of Magic – the recipe book for viral pin creation!


Keywords and hashtags are your ticket to more eyeballs and engagement. Use my Keyword & Hashtag Vault + Spreadsheet to quickly identify and record the magic words that will make your buyers say YES!


Once you have those beautiful pins uploaded and getting you traffic, it’s time to track your growth with my easy-to-use spreadsheet!

Don’t Miss A Step

stop creating new graphics for everything, and start using proven pin templates that convert!

workflow checklist

When you know what steps to take when creating and uploading pins, you’re in flow

niche magic

BONUS #1 – 8 simple questions to get you even more clarity on your ideal client!

Untitled design (1)

BONUS #2 – Private Facebook group with LIVE trainings and more!

Get instant access to the Pinterest Alchemy Primer for just $67!

“You took something that is very overwhelming to me (because I m NOT techy or creative) and broke it down into bite size pieces that I could understand and actually DO myself. You are always open to my questions and are willing to say if what I’m doing sucks 🤣 or is good and even how to improve it. I have the confidence now to keep going and hopefully grow a business using Pinterest.”

– Julie J

What Exactly Is In The Pinterest Alchemy Primer Course?

It’s all the ingredients you’ll need to whip up a Pinterest strategy that works like magic

📌 Pin Templates

  • 50+ Video Pin Templates
  • 3 sets of unique VIDEO templates that are plug and play!
  • Can easily be edited within your free Canva account
  • Fully customizable and easy to use Pinterest graphics

Perfect for lead magnets or your digital products or courses

📌 Board Covers

  • 25 Video Board Cover Templates to choose from – easily find the perfect template for you and your business!
  • Can easily be edited within your free Canva account
  • Fully customizable and easy to use Pinterest graphics

Perfect for setting up your account to get noticed

📌 Copy Magic

  • Tons of formulas, tips, ideas & inspiration to help you create converting pin graphics & copy
  • Squeeze as many of those precious keywords into your copy as possible!

Perfect for writing copy that converts (in any niche) and creating inspiring pin graphics

📌 Keywords & Hashtags

  • Use my plug and play keyword & hashtag spreadsheet to research, plan, track and optimize your Pinterest keywords AND
  • Use my ever-growing keyword & hashtag vault to inspire you

Perfect for setting up your account to get noticed – increase your visibility, search results and authority in your niche

📌 Know Your Numbers

  • Learn which numbers you should be keeping track of and how to gather them (including what to NOT care about)

Perfect for making sure you’re leaning into successful content

📌 Don’t Miss Any Steps

  • Use my handy pin workflow checklist so you don’t miss anything while creating your next viral pins!

Perfect for keeping track of where you are in the pin creation process

Special Bonuses

📌 BONUS #1 – Niche magic worksheet – 8 simple questions to get you even more clarity on your ideal client!

📌 BONUS #2 – Private FB group for everyone who has ever purchased anything Pinterest-related from me – ask for advice and get real-time answers to your burning questions about anything business-related. Oh, and I’ll be sharing anything new I learn in there first, too!

So, if your pin designs are falling flat, your traffic isn’t converting, or something is confusing, I’ll be there to get you back on track super fast.

It’s hard to put a price on always having an expert in your corner while you build your business, who can peek under the hood (so to speak) and diagnose and fix minor problems before they become big ones!

OVER $500 in resources + trainings for just $67!

(for this week only)

Ready To Get Started?

“When I find myself struggling with anything in my business, I turn to Sherisse. Her knowledge of funnel strategy and Pinterest is fantastic, and she has helped me with a LOT of business ideas and pet projects over the years. Anyone who wants to build a successful business should definitely have Sherisse help them.”

– Melissa D


100% Risk Free

If you are not happy about our product for any reason, just let us know within 30 days and we will process your refund.

Welcome To Pinterest Alchemy!

Hi there!

I’m your High Priestess of Pinterest, Sherisse Marie, and I’m a Pinterest Strategy Expert. 

My clients say I’m a catalyst for their transformation … they discover amazing clarity and confidence in their products and services, just from working with me.

I love teaching people how to pin pretty pictures and create high-converting funnels!

I’m looking forward to meeting my next soul-aligned client – is it you?

I Bet Right About Now, You’re:

❤️ Wondering if this course will work for you?

The Pinterest Alchemy Primer is designed for soulpreneurs who use lead magnets to grow their email list or sell digital products.

❤️ Feeling like you don’t have enough content to be successful with Pinterest?

I bet you have more than enough things to get started with. You just need at least 5 things to share (a FB group, freebies, blog posts, Youtube videos, products, or services)

❤️ Wondering how the course works?

Once you sign up, you get a welcome email from me, along with your login instructions. Your course is comprised of video tutorials, templates, swipe files and resources accompanied by easy-to-follow written instructions. All of the resources are housed within a members-only website which you will be given exclusive access to. 

❤️ Wondering how long you’ll have access to this course?

How does lifetime access sound? By lifetime access, we mean as long as we run the program. Once you buy, you will also get access to anything we add to the course. If we ever decide to close it, you will first be able to download all trainings/templates.

❤️ Worried you won’t be happy with this course?

I am 100% confident in the quality of the Pinterest Alchemy Primer, however, I will refund your money within 30 days no problem.  If you are experiencing problems or are unsure of how to use one of the features, please reach out! 

Looking for something else?

Book a free 30-minute strategy session with me to find out how Pinterest can work for your business!

I’m ready for this!