Enchant your dream clients using Pinterest Alchemy!

Transform your pins into clicks easily when you work one-on-one with a Pinterest Expert – no matter where you’re starting from!

Does This Sound Familiar?

Your Pinterest account is UNDER performing and watching others do so much BETTER is frustrating


You’ve never really thought about using Pinterest as a marketing platform….until NOW


You’ve heard of the AMAZING things Pinterest can do for your business (traffic, leads, sales) but the gurus have left you MORE confused

You’re ready to invest in expert advice and a kick-ass, personalized Pinterest strategy to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL

It’s time to work ONE-ON-ONE with the Pinterest Alchemy creators and FINALLY unlock the Mystery of Pinterest

The Pinterest Unlocked One-On-One Program

Pinterest Unlocked is a bespoke, totally custom one-on-one program for experienced healers, intuitives & coaches, who find themselves stuck at a certain level of scaling & chained to Facebook, who are looking for a long-term, effective solution – they want to serve more clients while dramatically reducing their daily workload!
Over the course of 9 weeks, we’ll work closely together to craft a Pinterest strategy that speaks to your soul-aligned clients, and starts bringing you qualified traffic and leads, that you can easily manage in about an hour a month.


One-On-One Program

Attract your dream clients when we craft your perfect Pinterest marketing plan together.
We’ll evaluate where you are now and where you want to go, and plan your next steps.
I provide guidance and insights, and I’ll keep you on track – and accountable.

“I was struggling with how to market my monthly intuition-building bootcamp while still maintaining my client load. The idea of using social media for hours a day exhausted me, and Facebook ads have not worked well for me. Within a week of starting one on one, I had my Pinterest account up and running like clockwork! Thanks, Sherisse!”

– Louise D

“You took something that is very overwhelming to me (because I m NOT techy or creative) and broke it down into bite size pieces that I could understand and actually DO myself. You are always open to my questions and are willing to say if what I’m doing sucks 🤣 or is good and even how to improve it. I have the confidence now to keep going and hopefully grow a business using Pinterest.”

– Julie J

When You Sign Up . . .

you’ll be invited to book your first session with me right away to get started creating your own personal Pinterest Alchemy formula!

What Exactly IS Pinterest Alchemy?

It’s a series of 6 proven steps that creates a massively successful Pinterest strategy that speaks to your soul-aligned clients, and starts bringing you qualified traffic and leads, that you can easily manage in about an hour a month.

📌 Content Alchemy

Discover which pieces of your content are best to promote and why, PLUS how to use Pinterest for market research & content ideas

(so you can make decisions with confidence!)

📌 SEO Alchemy

Finding the best keywords & hashtags for your niche and learning where & how to use them

(so you can grow your reach everywhere more effectively & easily!)

📌 Pin Alchemy

Create Pin templates & board covers (including VIDEO PINS) customized to your niche and business

(so you can achieve the holy grail of organic virality on the Pinterest platform!)

📌 Tech Alchemy

Set up all the integration “stuff” so you can track your metrics in real-time and make data-based decisions

(I’ll show you how to become a #NumbersNerd so you can grow your business!)

📌 Tailwind Alchemy

Optimize your Tailwind account (free to get started, then a small monthly fee) to both share your content with your peeps & find even more great content they’ll love

(so you can save time, increasing your productivity!)

📌 Numbers Alchemy

Discover what numbers to actually track on Pinterest using the worksheet I designed specifically for my private clients

(so you can make real-time, data-driven decisions for your marketing strategies! #NumbersNerdsWin!)

Pinterest Unlocked

9-Week One-On-One Program

📌 Get my eyeballs on your stuff – you can be sure to have lots of my personal, undivided attention

📌 9 x 60-minute 1 on 1 calls with me to work on the specifics of your business strategy

📌 Supporting program materials and clear action plans for after each call 

📌 Lifetime access to a private Facebook group AND ongoing monthly LIVE training on everything and anything Pinterest and funnel related!

📌 PERSONALIZED PINTEREST ADVICE to get results for your business.

Special Bonuses

📌 BONUS #1 – Niche magic worksheet – 8 simple questions to get you even more clarity on your ideal client!

📌 BONUS #2 – Private FB Community for our alumni to connect and network with each other in a safe, supportive environment –  where you can get feedback to your questions and any work you need help with. Oh, and I’ll be sharing anything new I learn in there first, too!

📌 BONUS #3–  Live Monthly Group Zoom Calls for everyone who has ever purchased anything Pinterest-related from me – ask for advice and get real-time answers to your burning questions about anything business-related!

So, if your pin designs are falling flat, your traffic isn’t converting, or something is confusing, I’ll be there to get you back on track super fast.

It’s hard to put a price on always having an expert in your corner while you build your business, who can peek under the hood (so to speak) and diagnose and fix minor problems before they become big ones!

I Bet Right About Now, You’re:

❤️ Worried you don’t know enough about Pinterest to actually be successful?

Good news! You don’t need to be an expert right now, because you found ME, and I am an expert! Let me show you all my best tips and tricks to make Pinterest work for you 24/7, quickly and easily.

❤️ Feeling like you don’t have enough content to be successful with Pinterest?

I bet you have more than enough things to get started with. You just need at least 5 things to share (a FB group, freebies, blog posts, Youtube videos, products, or services)

❤️ Not feeling tech savvy?

If you can schedule a Facebook post, you can definitely use Pinterest – my secret weapon, Tailwind, makes things so simple it should be illegal!

❤️ Thinking it sounds like a lot of work?

Well, I mean, it could be if you wanted it to, but it can be as simple as an hour a month. Let me show you my simple hacks to keep your time free for the things that matter.

❤️ Afraid you won’t have time to get everything done, and will fall behind?

Good news! We’ll be recording every session, so you can replay them as often as you want, in order to get the most out of the program. Plus, I’ll be keeping you posted on any changes or updates to Pinterest’s best practices.

“When I find myself struggling with anything in my business, I turn to Sherisse. Her knowledge of funnel strategy and Pinterest is fantastic, and she has helped me with a LOT of business ideas and pet projects over the years. Anyone who wants to build a successful business should definitely have Sherisse help them.”

– Melissa D

Welcome To Pinterest Alchemy!

Hi there!

I’m your High Priestess of Pinterest, Sherisse Marie, and I’m a Pinterest Strategy Expert.

My clients say I’m a catalyst for their transformation … they discover amazing clarity and confidence in their products and services, just from working with me.

I love teaching people how to pin pretty pictures and create high-converting funnels!

I’m looking forward to meeting my next soul-aligned client – is it you?

Looking for something else?

Book a free 30-minute strategy session with me to find out how Pinterest can work for your business!