Meet your New BFF

Hi there!

I’m your High Priestess of Pinterest, Sherisse Marie, and I’m a Pinterest Strategy Expert.

I help spiritual and intuitive soulpreneurs supercharge their marketing strategy using Pinterest, so they can create the income and impact they dream of. 

I opened my first Pinterest account waaayyy back in 2010, and was instantly hooked. Back then, though, I never dreamed it would be more than a fun way to create vision boards. (And before there even WAS such a thing!)

Now, I help soulpreneurs and small business owners be seen by the people they want to work with – their soul-aligned ideal clients, so they can step off the client attraction treadmill!

I’m looking forward to meeting my next soul-aligned client – is it you?

you + me = Magic

You are a woman who knows the impact you want to make in the world. You know that Pinterest is a fantastic way to grow your business, and you just don’t know where to start to master the platform.

I am your Pinterest partner, helping to make your dreams come true. I have the funnel building expertise to take your dreams of impact and income and make them reality.

What that looks like

Quality Over Quantity

Due to the labor-intensive process of setting up a Pinterest strategy that converts, I only take on 3 new 1:1 soul-aligned clients each month, and keep my group program small and intimate

Collaborative Partnership

This allows me to give you a boutique experience that you may not find anywhere else, where I work with you one on one to create and execute a custom-tailored strategy that works

Clear Communication

Working closely together and listening to each other allows us to create the best possible strategy to provide your business with the leverage it needs in order to jump to the next level quickly and easily

I'm Great At

How I Became A Pinterest Alchemist

I struggled for years to make a go of it as a life coach. I love the work, and I love my clients dearly, but they were not paying the rent! Something was just not clicking.

I had been picking up Virtual Assistant gigs here and there, and one of my gigs included becoming her Pinterest manager.

The universe was definitely pushing me in a new, different direction from what I thought my life was meant to go.

Now, I have always adored Pinterest (I was one of their earliest Pinners), but never seriously thought of making it into a career – that was for other, different-from-me people.

Instead, I decided to help online business owners set up the funnels their business coaches taught them. (I do love my tech!)

But something still wasn’t quite right. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it wasn’t landing for me.

And Then, One Day, It Happened...

I was partway through a training video (I’m always learning how to do things better, faster, and easier), and when she said we should do something we love, it made me realize that I had to do something that wouldn’t feel like work … and I immediately thought of Pinterest.

I love getting paid to pin pretty pictures and create high-converting funnels!

The next morning, I posted a throw-away 3 liner on my personal page, asking if anyone wanted to know how to set up Pinterest for their business. No picture, nothing special.

I had immediate interest and got 3 new soul-aligned clients right away. When we are in alignment with what we’re supposed to do, it just flows easily…and if it doesn’t flow easily, maybe it’s not meant to be your door.

Now, I’m a happy and successful Pinterest Alchemist, who is looking forward to meeting her next soul-aligned client – is it you?

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Is Hiring A Pinterest Alchemist the right choice?

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Did you know 40% of Pinterest users have a household income of over $100k ? Learn more stats about the people who use Pinterest for purchasing decisions here.

Pinterest drives 3.8x more sales than the average digital campaign, and 87% of Pinners have bought something because of Pinterest.

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