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You're a busy, successful soulpreneur

You’ve perfected the solution to your dream client’s problem

You know Pinterest is an amazing opportunity for you to grow your business, attract dream clients who are desperately seeking your solution, and make more money
You have big goals and a big vision for your business (me too!) and you’re exhausted from the client attraction treadmill
You’re ready to conjure up some Pinterest magic of your own – with all the strategy and no fluff!

It's Time For You To Shine

You’re ready for the results you see others achieving on this wildly under-used platform

You’ve heard about the power of Pinterest and think it sounds like an amazing showcase for your business
Maybe you tried figuring it out before but you got stuck, felt frustrated, and gave up
Maybe Pinterest has been on your to-do list for a while, and you’re ready to make some Pinterest magic already!
You’ve got the product or service, it’s converting on other platforms, and you’re ready to scale to the next level
You just need a clear formula + the tools to make it work

Why Use The Pinterest Alchemy System?

You want fantastic success on Pinterest

After years of studying and testing Pinterest strategies with my clients, I discovered the exact steps you need to take in order to have fantastic success on Pinterest – and I love to share these secrets with my loyal clients!

Fantastic Organic Reach

Pinterest is the 3rd largest search engine in the world, is used by billions, & has fantastic organic reach. Plus, your ideal clients are already hanging out over there. (yup, they are!) Oh, & their ad rates are crazy cheap too. #NoBrainer!

They’re Waiting For You

Pinterest is more than recipes, patterns, and decorating ideas. It’s a visual search engine, and your ideal clients are on there RIGHT NOW trying to find answers to their burning, awake-at-3-am questions #MeetThemWhereTheyAre!

Shouldn’t you be on Pinterest, ready with the answers, instead of letting your competition have all the fun?

What IS Pinterest Alchemy?

It’s a series of 6 proven steps that creates a massively successful Pinterest strategy that speaks to your soul-aligned clients, and starts bringing you qualified traffic and leads, that you can easily manage in about an hour a month.

📌 Content Alchemy

Discover which pieces of your content are best to promote and why, PLUS how to use Pinterest for market research & content ideas (so you can make decisions with confidence!)

📌 SEO Alchemy

Finding the best keywords & hashtags for your niche and learning where & how to use them (so you can grow your reach everywhere more effectively & easily!)

📌 Pin Alchemy

Create Pin templates & board covers (including VIDEO PINS) customized to your niche and business (so you can achieve the holy grail of organic virality on the Pinterest platform!)

📌 Tech Alchemy

Set up all the integration “stuff” so you can track your metrics in real-time and make data-based decisions (I’ll show you how to become a #NumbersNerd so you can grow your business!)

📌 Tailwind Alchemy

Optimize your Tailwind account (free to get started, then a small monthly fee) to both share your content with your peeps & find even more great content they’ll love (so you can save time, increasing your productivity!)

📌 Numbers Alchemy

Discover what numbers to actually track on Pinterest using the worksheet I designed specifically for my private clients (so you can make real-time, data-driven decisions for your marketing strategies! #NumbersNerdsWin!)

It's time to harness the power of Pinterest Alchemy for your business

Did You Know?

Here are some of the jaw-dropping stats on Pinterest traffic

Pinterest has 70 million users, and 40% of Pinterest users have a household income of over $100k

There are 2.5 BILLION average monthly pageviews on Pinterest, and users spend an average of 98 minutes a month browsing the platform

Pinterest drives 3.8x more sales than the average digital campaign

93% of users have planned a purchase using Pinterest

87% of users have bought something because of Pinterest – shouldn’t it be your something?

Hey There ...

I’m your High Priestess of Pinterest, Sherisse Marie, and I’m a Pinterest Strategy Expert. 

My clients say I’m a catalyst for their transformation … they discover amazing clarity and confidence in their products and services, just from working with me.

I love teaching people how to pin pretty pictures and create high-converting funnels!

I’m looking forward to meeting my next soul-aligned client – is it you?

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Leave the setup and management to an expert – I’ll craft a Pinterest strategy that works for you and your business, that you don’t have to worry about

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Your Success Guide

I created a FREE Pinterest Quick Start Success Guide just for you!

It contains tons of great information on getting started with Pinterest on your own, plus you’ll get even more goodies when you sign up for my email list.